Frank & Ginny Maiolo


Artist Statement

Frank Maiolo

As a jewelry artist and metalsmith my goal is to create works that are an extension of my inner self and emotions and resonates with others. Jewelry is intimate and needs to satisfy the sense of touch with pleasing textures and delight the eye with elegant lines, shapes and color. For me, my materials choose how they are going to be shaped and though it is not the most efficient method, I tend to design as I work. The tactile nature of the metals, gems and materials can take on a life of their own and help guide me through the creative process. Living in the Southwest I am inspired by nature, as well as, the ancient designs of those who lived here long before our modern society. The elegance of simplicity and the organic nature of matching metal and gem is an ongoing quest.

Ginny Maiolo

Collecting shells, sea glass, rocks and myriad other treasures consumed me as a child. Reflection on my collections and the organic nature of the items expose a primitive quality to the jewelry I create. My designs incorporate the organic diversity of the patterns of earth and sky. My inspiration rises from the waters of the seas, runs deep within the mountain streams, shines down from the heavens and caresses me softly like the warm desert breeze. In 2007 the artist emerged from the depths of my being and cried out for freedom. I was 58 and I began painting. At the beginning of 2012 I started working with metal and found the tactile expression that metalsmithing provides. I find the use of a jewelry saw, files, a soldering torch and finishing tools to be a soothing experience. The personal connection between me and the materials is a sensory encounter that is unequaled. The metals are raw and malleable and waiting to tell a story. My color palate is currently reds, yellows, oranges and the blues and greens of sea glass. I consistently incorporate stones into my pendants that beg to tell a story. The narrative may be that of an incredible moonrise, a blazing desert sun or the journey from this earthly plane to a spiritual plane. The primitive nature of my pieces is a result of the perfect imperfection that nature provides. Life is asymmetrical and my personal challenge is to let it be. The creation of jewelry has forced me to understand that perfection is not the goal. I am creating a reality that is much closer to the truth by savoring the primitive, organic elements that create our world.

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