Jodie Bliss


Artist Statement

I was born in 1984 in Monument, Colorado to a beer distributor father from the Bronx, NY and a strong-minded mother from Salina, Kansas. I spent much of my early life at my mother's store, High Country Feed and Tack in Monument, climbing hay bales, playing with chickens and generally running amuck. We moved to Colorado Springs in 1994, and post high school the wild west wind whisked me away to Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado where I earned a hard fought B.F.A in Fine Art Sculpture, a B.A in Creative Writing, and a P.H.D. in Snowboarding.

After Gunnison I found myself in San Francisco at Academy of Art University pursuing a M.F.A. in Fine Art Sculpture. After a brief stint in Loveland, CO, I found myself once again in Monument, CO, serendipitously in the same building where my mother had her Feed Store all those years before. I started my business, Bliss Studio and Gallery in 2010 and have grown in the past 10 years from a solo artist working to make art during the week and traveling all over the country to sell on the weekends, to a full function custom metal fabrication and blacksmith shop (with a touch of stained and blown glass thrown in there for balance) which produces everything from Fine Art Sculpture to Public Art, Gates, Fences, Furniture, and more. I now employ a team of eight Artists, Blacksmiths, Fabricators and Jewelers, all amazing in their own ways. We hammer the days away at the base of Mt. Herman, always keeping our collective eye on the horizon, thriving on personal evolution, collective evolution, and a passion for the creative.

My artistic purpose has evolved throughout the years, as I think any good purpose will. In my early career I focused on creating work inspired by my own emotions and expressions of the journeys of people close to me. Although I still create some work wholly for myself when working through a struggle or experiencing a profound joy, I believe my purpose at this moment in my life is communication. What began as a general interest in human psychology and evolved into a more specific interest in tribal culture, specifically ceremony and masking, has again evolved alongside my interest in creating large scale public and private art pieces to a concentration on the state of the individual, whether that individual be a person, a community, a town or a culture.

Jodie welcomes walk in guests to her gallery located at 243 Washington Street in the Historic Downtown Monument. You can view her work at

243 Washington St.
Monument, CO 80132

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