Milo Scott


Artist Statement

I enjoy creating 3D art. There is something about being able to hold a piece, turning it, watching the light reflect off the surfaces that simply can’t be duplicated by other mediums. Wood is one of my favorite substances to work with. Even after a tree has stopped being a live plant, it continues to show a “life” that can’t be duplicated by manmade materials. It is an amazing thing to see the worst looking part of a tree, twisted and knotted, worked into a vessel that contains marbleized holographic reflections simply by removing layers to expose the beauty that was always just under the surface. Wood is an item that can be fashioned into nearly any shape, but, sometimes; the wood wins. Many of the pieces I create utilize “leftovers” from other wood industries. Laminations and segmenting methods combine different species of wood which equates to painting in 3D with Mother Nature’s finest works.

I have also added pewter to some of my work. I have incorporated cast pewter, hot pewter, and wire pewter into some of the pieces. I expanded functional art products to include ceramic mills that can be used for pepper, salt, or, any heavier body spices which can be combined to produce “designer” flavors. In keeping with the “3D” aspect of wood, I started working with thin wood cut into various designs as “snow flake” ornaments.

Another item is a product that inevitably has a final use for many of us, Cremation Urns. Many people like the idea of having a locally produced Urn. With the ability to add custom laser engraving, these Urns can be truly a “one of a kind” special piece.

I am increasing the use of “solid” wood, besides the segmented work, that I have done in the past. With “log” wood, there is an added excitement of finding out what is hiding “under the surface” and working with nature’s added variations and opportunities.

This past year, I have added new equipment that enables me to expand into items beyond being focused on lathe turning pieces. Due to requests for custom “flat” work, I am now able to add 3D carving and custom profiles to what would normally be flat, square surfaces. While there is always a learning curve to something new, it is a rewarding feeling going from concept to finished piece. Never stop learning, and, attempting something new…

1720 Old Antlers Way
Monument, CO, 80132

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