Richard Pankratz


Artist Statement

My world is in 3-D. I like the way form interacts with space and derives meaning from the intention of the artist. I strive to create forms that demand space around them for balance, and then come to completion by communicating to and connecting with fellow travelers along lifes journey. I need to cause viewers of my sculptures to respond to the substance of the form sharing their space. Art needs this interaction with a viewer because without a thought being communicated, received, and responded to, there is not much point in making the form to occupy the space. My process is one of uncovering the miracle of discovery in order to define my creative spirit. Art has always been my focus,a passion I cannot do without. I let my imagination run wild and marvel at what explodes into being. I often don't fully understand where it comes from. Through the manipulation of materials with expressions of thought, feelings and emotions I strive for a timelessness of spirit conceived, communicated, and realized. Usually, when looking with fresh eyes at my previous works, I encounter surprise at how much they still touch my soul, and I wonder how they happened. It has been a lifetime commitment to the unique that is gaining strength in me as society careens along and into a big box, mass produced, sterile and technologically precise new millennium. As the pressures and influences of modern existence continue to press upon and modify essential characteristics of fundamental humanity, art for me is becoming even more essentially relevant.

18250 W. Forest Drive
Monument, CO, 80132

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