Michael Malta


Artist Statement

Michelangelo said the great danger is not that our hopes are too high and we will fail to reach them; it is that they are too low and we do.

Creating art is a passion that I have grown up with and I continue to strive for excellence in my art. I am inspired by the great artists of the past and try to live up to the quality they have established. As I continue my artistic journey, I am always looking for ways to improve, adjust, modify and change. Creating artwork is a forever-evolving path.

The artwork I create is a visual journal of images that have caught my eye and held my attention creating a lasting feeling I try to share. My goal is to document and capture that beauty and feeling so others can enjoy with me.

Seeing accurately requires focused attention, careful observation, notation, comparison, and reassessment. As I paint I begin to really see. As I carefully observe the subject I begin to see the light and how it interacts and plays within the objects of the scene. This is what I try to depict.

I enjoy working in oils and watercolor bringing life to an empty canvas. The saturation of colors and brush strokes that can be created is truly amazing. I also enjoy working with graphite and charcoal. The lights and darks that can be created with charcoal brings a new vision to black and white. Black and white charcoal drawings bring life to art when color may distract.

15895 Wildhaven Lane
Colorado Springs, Co 80921

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