Mattie O


Artist Statement

I create suspended sculptures from paper and metal. My kinetic sculptures (i.e., mobiles) are generally botanical or tiny dresses. My stabile sculptures are often life-size dresses. To that foundation of paper and metal, I add objects with provenance, such as a person’s diary, watch or tools, or natural ephemera such as porcupine quills, oyster shells, or semi-precious gem stones. Contrasting materials such as barbed wire with crystal or nails with pearls is one of my themes. I combine methods of hammering, soldering, weaving, pulling paper and painting or drawing. My artistic process is often a mystery to me. At times, I begin with a sketched idea, then experiment and play until, hopefully, something beautiful, or whimsical or enigmatic emerges. Sometimes the muse takes over, and the final art piece is remote from the original idea. This hard-core experimental approach to art-making results in many mistakes and unflattering pieces. But, the successful pieces reward in art that is fresh and authentic.

I also create jewelry. As an artist, who creates suspended sculptures, creating earrings were a natural. I began making earrings to work out ideas for sculptures (like a moquette) and have something that I can finish in a day or two . But, the jewelry-making has taken on a life of it’s own, and it’s addicting and fun. My handcrafted metal jewelry is feminine, a bit edgy and possesses a wabi-sabi type of beauty. It is to be worn by the bold, self-possessed woman. I work intuitively, usually without a plan. Each step, begets the next, gradually exposing the mystery, and hopefully resulting in an authentic piece that resonates with the wearer.

1359 Buckwood Lane
Monument, CO, 80132

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