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As artists and craftsmen we have not adequately educated the public to the value of goods produced by individuals in our area. The public needs to see where we work, where we create, the tools we use, the environment that inspires us, and why the finished product is part of the neighborhood we all share.

We must share the way our art is made, so others understand and realize the true value of our work, not only in price, but as part of our cultural history of creating beautiful things. In today's world people have a need to reconnect with what is essentially the most human experience, to work with one's hands, mind, eyes, and heart to create beauty.

The future of the art and fine craft industry is challenged with the increase of foreign items, an uncertain economy, a lack of funding in today's schools for art education and the distance between the creator of the art and his audience.

We create the art here, our friends and neighbors are here, and we need to emphasize the importance of sharing our skills, talents and gifts with the community.

We invite our friends and neighbors to visit our studios, to share our creative environments, and to learn and experience the joy of creating beautiful things.

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