Dan Rieple


Artist Statement

My interest in wood and woodworking began with my dad, a brick and stonemason, whose hobby it was to make furniture for my sister. At age 14 an industrial arts program turned the embers into a flame that continues to burn brighter. In addition to self-teaching, I earned an Industrial Arts degree from CSU in 1980. After a short stint of teaching, followed by a longer stint in architectural woodwork, I am at last designing and building functional works of art. Turning material that is normally rejected into something admired and functional is what I love most. To transform what is spent, plain or useless into something new and beautiful. I like seeing the pleased expression when someone feels the soft curves and surfaces on a piece that I've made. Besides being visually pleasing and perhaps even provocative, art furniture should stir a person to a point where the desire to touch is irresistible. When designing a piece of art furniture, I find that the things that influence me most, are various shapes, life experiences and other cultures I have been in. Those that have most inspired me have been masters like Mondrian, and Mackintosh, the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau. In the past few years I have enjoyed the more rugged and organic designs of the west where severity in climate influences the shape and color of the materials I used. Wood is certainly not an easy medium to work in, though I think it may be one of the most interesting and diverse. When selecting the wood for a particular piece it is a combination of picking a good team and composing a good song. Woods must be picked that work well with each other and with the design, and they must have good color and character. A good story is always a nice touch as well.

14250 State Highway 83
Larkspur, CO 80118

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